Leadership:Why is it so hard?

We all have read the books, One Minute Manager, From Good to Great, Leading Change, etc. I could go on and on. They all have a common theme:

Someone steps up and takes the responsibility when things don’t go like they are supposed to.

Leading can be a lonely job sometimes, but it is very rewarding. To see people change their thinking from,”It’s just a job” to “I will own this,” is great to see. Regardless of where you lead (in our families or our jobs), leading takes a resolute spirit. “I will not quit” is the only option..

I have seen my world change so much in the past 1o years and my leadership style has taken on many forms. Through changes in our business and changes in our family, I have had to look at life and leading differently in many ways.

As I look back, there are three simple applications that have helped shape my leadership style:

1. Put others first

2. Look at every situation as a learning experience

3. Find God in everything

By leading this way, we won’t keep from making mistakes, but we won’t miss the opportunity to learn. Change is sometimes hard, but change without learning from our experiences is a waste. I want to make a difference in my family, my business, and my world. May I never stop learning.