“Wide Left” – When All Depends On You

Today was a great day.  Laying around and watching football all day long. What more could a guy ask for? Well, how about some very exciting games? Okay, I got that also, two games that came down to the final minute before a winner was crowned. This was just what I needed after two days of travel, being stuck in an airport all day long, and having to stay over an extra night because of a winter storm. I enjoyed every minute of these games, right down to the final kicks.

And what a final kick it was in the Ravens vs. Patriots game….or wasn’t! Billy Cundiff, the Ravens kicker, missed what would have been a game tying kick in the last seconds of the game missing a chance to go to the Super Bowl. After the kick sailed wide left, I really thought about how that poor kicker must have felt. The Ravens had driven down the field with just seconds left in the game, leaving a kick not much longer than an extra point would have been. How quickly things can turn. Before the kick, he was ready to be the hero. But he missed it. There he stood, head down, not a friend in the world and wondering where he could go to hide. After that ball sailed wide left, his whole world changed.  Or did it?

It is very disappointing to work hard for a prize that you don’t attain. It is even more disappointing to spend your whole life seeking a prize and missing a purpose. Knowing the purpose for your life will give you strength to persevere no matter what the world throws at you. There has been some great examples in the news over the past few days that has really brought this to light. Tim Tebow, Gabrielle Giffords, Joe Paterno, and the Captain of the Costa Concordia all have had to endure trials lately.  The legacy that each of these people are or have created depends on how they lived their life through these struggles. Having a purpose greater than ourselves will build a foundation that will withstand any difficulty that life throws our way.

My prayer for Billy Cundiff is that he sees this for what it was, a missed kick in a game. My prayer is that his world will not change. My prayer is for him, as it is for myself when tough times comes, is to hold fast to the purpose that is greater than ourselves. And just as I read in Jesus Calling this morning, “Don’t try to figure out what is happening. Simply trust Me in advance. I know the plans I have for you.” His plans, His purpose.






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  1. Robert Blackburn, jr. says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. As someone who know has been called to a purpose that I have not yet been able to move into (calling vs. current career), you wrote exactly what I needed to hear today.

    January 23rd, 2012 at 12:27 pm