Are You Known By What You Do or By Who You Are?

There really can be some benefits to being trapped on a plane for 13 hours. One would think that this type of confinement with hundreds of other people could make a man go stir crazy. Who in their right mind loves being wedged into these tiny seats that seem to get smaller as the hours pass. Is it just me or do these seats seem to get smaller every year. (Or could it be my seat is getting wider?) And I don’t want to mention the lady sitting by the window that has to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, or the crying child that seems to get louder as flight goes. This really is a place where one’s patience can and will be tested.

Take away all the struggles that go along with flying long flights and what you are left are hours of quiet time. I don’t know about you but I don’t have enough quiet time. I don’t take time to slow myself down from the craziness of life and just listen to the still small voice that is our inner compass.

Well, that is what this flight has been for me. A time to reflect on the trip we are taking and why. Even with all the sensory stimuli around me and the uncomfortable aspect of flying, I can hear that quiet voice. And it is that quiet voice that leads us toward purpose and away from our own selfish desires. It is easy to get excited about a trip like this, going to another country to do good works, and miss the real purpose in the trip. That is what I pray does not happen.

God does not need us to accomplish the things He wants done. But a lot of times I think He does. I think He needs me. Truth is, God doesn’t need me, but He wants me. All He wants is a relationship with me. So knowing this, I have to ask myself what do I want? What drives me? Why do I do the things I do. Do I want to be noticed for what I do, or for who I am? I pray this week that our efforts point people to God and not to us. I pray they don’t see us, they see Him. There are so many people in China that will never have the opportunity to worship the way we do. I wonder how we would feel if our privilege was taken away. Would we miss it?

For the whole flight since we left Newark, Macy Li has been playing her little heart out. She has not stopped getting her toys out to play with, then putting them up. She has done this over and over for hours. I noticed that she was singing while she played with her toys so I quietly listened. She was singing, “I’m gonna sing sing sing, I’m gonna shout shout shout. When the gates are open wide, I’m gonna sit by Jesus’ side. I’m gonna sing sing sing Praise the Lord.” WOW! Four years ago when we adopted her, she didn’t know anything about Jesus. Now four years later she is traveling back to the country that gave her to us singing praises on the way. This is why God called us to pure religion in James 1:27 There are so many more children in China that need to experience Macy Li’s joy. Thanks Macy Li, there’s my answer. I want to be known for who I am, not what I do.


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