Love builds trust

There has been so much happen in the days while we have been here in China that it will probably take weeks to process. The one thing that continues to go over and over in my heart is the relationships that are being built as we serve the nannies at MBHOH. It was so different from last year. We have their trust, and that is huge. I can’t tell you the number of times the nannies agreed to treatment just because of that, TRUST! I realized one thing, trust comes from having a relationship with people that know you love them. The hugs and tears were proof of that. My heart was so full because of the time we spent there seeing the nannies show appreciation in their own way. It made me know how important it is to let people know you love them. There is power in that!

Words can’t come close to communicating the impact this week has had so I posted some pictures of one of the days. This show things in ways words never could.

Photo Gallery