There really are some benefits to jet lag. Like right now, I am laying in bed with my China doll watching her favorite show, “Jungle Junction”. (I have no idea why somebody came up with that show) I don’t feel near as guilty eating junk food late at night when I can’t go to sleep. I think it is okay when sleep is hard to come by. Thoughts seem to stay in my head. I can’t stop thinking about some of our experiences last week. And I seem to be reading more when sleep is hard to come by. I have read so much more over the past few nights. Who said reading in bed make you sleepy? If it did, I would be long gone by now.

Two things I read tonight really moved me. The first was a blog post from one of my hygienists, Danielle. Without going into detail let me just say she gets it. Take the time to read  A Disciplined Runner .You will be blessed.

Another was a post from my friend Grants blog. Grant was right on. In his blog Resolve To Invest, Grant tells of the impact a person had on his life. Each day is an opportunity to impact. What will you do with it?

Grant and Danielle understand what life is about. They have a vision of life that is greater than themselves. These are the type of people that inspire me. These are the type of people I want to be around. Thanks Grant and Danielle for helping open my eyes. Thanks for helping me SEE!



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