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Enchantment Giveaway

Enchantment Giveaway

Every few months as an office, we read a book together that we feel is going to challenge us personally and professionally. The most recent book that we tackled together was Guy [Continue reading…]

Giveaway Winner

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone to shared what makes them come alive on the blog yesterday. It is such a reminder that God has uniquely made us with special talents and interests. Share [Continue reading…]

Linchpin Giveaway!

Linchpin Giveaway!

I tweeted about an article that Seth Godin wrote about “How to Fail” a week or so ago. Man, that guy knows how to inspire and challenge me. We’ve read and discussed [Continue reading…]

The Real Deal Winner

Cally gets to have a night out on us!

If you follow Dr. Kemp’s blog and are on Facebook, this post is for you. This beautiful lady below is Cally and she won our Facebook “Deal” last week. You might be asking [Continue reading…]

The Girl Who Never Wins Anything

Dr. Kemp and Chelsea with her new iPad!

Ring, ring, ring. “Hello?” “Hi is this Chelsea?” “Yes, this is Chelsea.” “Hey, Chelsea! This is Becca at Dr. Kemp’s office! I wanted to call and tell you ‘congratulations’ because we drew [Continue reading…]

And Our iPad Winner Is…

Congratulations, Chelsea! We hope you have a blast with your new iPad!

Last Call and a Shout Out!

Hi All! Wanted to let everyone know that our last day for our Phipps’ Family Adoption Fundraiser is TOMORROW! We are so thankful for the response we have seen from our community [Continue reading…]